Once upon a time there was this impressionable girl… She watched Peter Pan and became convinced it was a true story. Thus packed her belongings and awaited for him to fly to her window, take her to Neverland.

That is what I told half my elementary school when I was at the tender age of eight. And fib master that I was, quite a lot believed me, too. So I set up a select group of children to whom I promised to take them with the moment Peter Pan came for me.

Well… he never came. Duh.

I was dubbed “Liar, liar, pants on fire…”

Despite it, I never stopped dreaming of fantastical scenarios in faraway lands. When they became overwhelmingly abundant, I simply had to start putting them on paper. Brain purge. You know how they say Put it on paper and it takes a life of its own?

They don’t say it? Huh. Never mind…

Once out into the world of written word, my little creations began to grow, and as every growing child, not listen to their Mommy. No matter how much I try to push them into becoming doctors and lawyers, they insist on being something totally impractical… like witch-slayers. What’s the 401(k) plan for that?!

Benevolent creator that I am, I value their free will and let them be what they will.

That’s it for today.




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